What is the A-PET sheet?

The A-PET sheet is derived through a production process that involves the transformation of the PET (polyethylene terephthalate), a thermoplastic resin of the polyester family, through the extrusion technologies.

Because of its distinctively clear and tough characteristics, the A-PET sheet has become one of the most widely-used materials in the packaging industry, particularly in the forms of thermoformed packaging i.e. thermoformed tray and container for food, such as salads, fruits, sandwiches, and other delicatessen-type products, and non-food applications. Its use in thermoformed packaging also extends to those of industrial applications, profoundly on the electronic and mechanic parts industry.

Our A-PET (polyethylene terephthalate) sheet is:

  • produced from the very best virgin grade PET resin;
  • manufactured through our highly precise and advanced extrusion technologies;
  • monitored and controlled by our highly-trained and experienced team;

Product Specification

Size Thickness (mm)
Width (mm)
0.15 - 1.0
450 - 800
Additive Agents

Slipped Agent

Weight per roll (kg) 50 - 150


Product Physical Properties

Density (g/cm3)   1.34
Glass Transition Temp (C°)


Melting Temp (C°)   255
Forming Temp    
  Air Compressor 100 - 120
  Vacuum Form 120 - 200
Control Durability Temp    
  Minimum (C°) -40
  Maximum (C°) 70

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